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I've got an issue with the sun blind on my 2015 Kuga titanium x-sport, the roof & blind are closed, basically when pressing the button the blind doesn't respond there is no noise or any aparent attempt to move.

it was driven daily and blind & roof opened regularly until March this year when lockdown started, after not being used for the first few weeks of lockdown the car failed to start, AA jumped it, driven and battery charged but wouldn't take a charge.

Ford dealer couldn't recondition battery so replaced it, at the same time it had a software update.

the car still wasn't used much during lockdown.

in August I noticed the roof wouldn't open. checked fuse as per handbook (85? from memory) all ok, live feed to fuse socket.
I tried disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes and reconnecting with no effect.
I tried the on/off/on hold switch reset process I read about on here which had no effect.

recently when the car was in for its anual service the dealer looked at the roof and carried out some tests - I assume they can over ride the switches with some diagnostic tool as they said the glass roof was fine and opened and closed ok but the blind wasn't working.

the next process they want to carry out is to remove the entire lining and replace some components for the blind for which they want the car for a couple of days. this sounds like a very expensive process, and I don't like the idea of paying for parts in order to see if it solves the issue, I'd rather know something had been proven to need changing.

Does anyone have any other advice or tips I might be able to try before it costs me a lot of money.

thank you
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