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  1. Mk1 Technical
    Hi all, I woke up one morning and discovered some drunk had blasted my driver side mirror while the car was parked at side of the road. Now since the entire frame of the mirror is kinda broken I checked options for a new one. I rung up Ford and they quoted £367 for the whole mirror and £60 for...
  2. Newbies (Introductions Only)
    Hello. someone went into our drivers side wing mirror and it folded it back in. When we pushed it back out we noticed a bit of plastic had snapped off. how much would it be to replace the wing mirror unit? Thank you in advance
  3. Mk2 Technical
    Hi all, recently purchased my 2014 Titanium X Sport AWD with the 163BHP Diesel Engine in it. My first question is what are the model number of the Wing Mirror Indicator Bulbs and can anyone recommend a particular brand. Thank you all, looking forward to hearing from you.
1-3 of 3 Results