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  1. Mk2 General Discussion
    Hi there, I wondered if someone may be able to help me figure out next steps as to get my car back on the road. The car is a 66 plate and has been sat on the drive since October (due for MOT but due to circumstances at home this didn't happen) but in December I noticed that I couldn't unlock...
  2. Mk2 General Discussion
    Hello again.... now i think I have unlocked my sat nav using the code change in the APIM.... just waiting for my maps card to arrive but it does say (insert sd nav) as before it didn’t. So I’m assuming it has worked. I’m wondering what else can be unlocked in the same way? Maybe some cheap...
  3. Mk1 Technical
    Hi. My father bought a used 2011 kuga titanium S about a month ago. He has been experiencing that the car sometime refuse to unlock when pressing on the fob, but it unlocks the driverdoor with keyless entry, without any indication of doing so (the indicators dont flash, the interior lights dont...
1-3 of 3 Results