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  1. Mk2 Modifications
    Hi all, looking to change my 2014 txs steering wheel to a mk2.5 ST, is this a straight swap? regards Dylan
  2. Kuga Gallery
    Hi guys My 'new' Kuga!👊👊👊 Titanium X sport...2016..... 2 big questions to the experts out there: 1) how can I improve the mpg/ does a few kilos of weight (10-15kg) of stuff in the boot affect the mpg much? 2) Its got a dent in the passenger door due to some idiot who can't park properly, (2...
  3. Kuga Items For Sale & Wanted
    Hi all. Ive owned my current Mk1 Titanium 136 AWD from new. Now 10 years and 116k miles old and still going strong. Looking for a more recent car, top spec AWD 2litre 180 with as low mileage as possible. Would like a Mk11 facelift but a Mk11 non facelift would be ok if it’s fully loaded. Dont...
  4. Mk2 General Discussion
    Hi All, I'm new here so I apologies if this has already been asked. I have 2016 Kuga (Titanium X Sport). I started noticing a damp smell building a few weeks ago, and over the last week during the heavy rain I found I have a leak in the roof (with a wet passenger seat and a swimming pool)...
1-4 of 4 Results