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  1. Newbies (Introductions Only)
    hi, I’m new here and need some help. Is it possible to update the SYNC with a SD card for caravan towing. As whatever option I choose to use ie fastest/ eco/shortest, none are suitable for caravan towing. So have to resort to using a map. If not I guess it’s buy a Satnav for caravan towing...
  2. Mk3 General Discussion
    Hi all. Just updated August’s sync 3 update which went fine (3.4 I think). Had trouble previously updating the maps as I had a memory error as soon as put my stick in so left it in the end as use my phone anyway. However after this update, I’ve done the maps download on my usb, plugged it in and...
  3. Mk2 Modifications
    Hi all, I know this has been discussed time and time again on these forums, I do apologise! Been looking to change my Sync 2 unit to a Sync 3 unit for some time now but I've not yet been comfortable with buying all the individual parts (even being able to find them) and pulling the car apart...
  4. Mk2 General Discussion
    all. Brand new to the website as I’m looking for help. I recently bought my kuga so I decided to register my device on Ford. I had a notification my sync 3 was available for an update. It downloaded and uploaded successfully and I’m now on 3.4 21020. Once I did that and uploaded the log, I was...
  5. Mk3 Technical
    It was working fine but now its not, when i use voice command the results it give me is in another language , i have checked and it is all set to English and the stations list is now blank and can not find any stations . I have gone all through the settings and can't find a solution. Any help...
  6. Mk2 Technical
    Just changed my phone from the iPhone 8 to the 12. The 8 worked perfectly with SYNC but the 12 doesn’t recognize or see SYNC. Do I have to upgrade SYNC to SYNC 3 to fall in line with the 12? If so, how? If not an upgrade, has anyone got any ideas?
  7. Mk2 General Discussion
    Hello, I have sync 2. Unfortunately! Is there anyway you can get Apple car play on this without upgrading the screen and hub to sync 3? Does anybody know of some type of module that can be added to this? Thanks
  8. Mk2 Technical
    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue with Sync 3, whereby it doesn't power on after it appears to have updated? It doesn't come on and the USB sockets don't appear to be providing power either. I tried a button reset of holding the power button and next track buttons...
1-8 of 8 Results