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  1. Mk1 General Discussion
    Hi All. Anyone know if there is something that opens/closes just after you pull away first time? I am hearing a noise that sounds like a flap closing when I pull away and reach ~10mph or so after an engine start. Dont think its pull away locking because I haven't been able to get that working...
  2. Mk3 Technical
    Got a new Kuga Hybrid AWD 2021 model and in first week I noticed a strange noise when engine runs. First days I did start engine and immediately start driving but 2 days ago I needed to load some boxes in the trunk and engine was started. Being winter and about 0*C outside engine switches...
  3. Mk2 Technical
    Hi Guys - A new addition the the KOC! I bought my, Grey, 2017 STline X Kuga, 2nd hand, last year - a great all round tool and I love it. I bought it from Hills Ford, Kidderminster - a very pleasant sales experience and worth the hour trip. Over the year, there have been a few little noises in...
1-3 of 3 Results