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  1. Newbies (Introductions Only)
    Hi guys 👋 I'm looking for some general advice! Just bought an 09 Kuga Zetec Tdci. I can't seem to find much online about how much the UK road tax is on the car, picking it up on Tuesday but would like to be prepared! Fuel economy, how good/bad is it? & finally, any advice for a newbie? TIA.
  2. Newbies (Introductions Only)
    Hi, I am a late newcomer to the site. I have had my Mk1 Kuga since buying it nearly new in December 2012. It is a do it all vehicle for me and has served me well. Love the ride and getting pretty good MPG. Nearly at the 100k miles mark and decided to have the cam belt, guides and water pump...
  3. Newbies (Introductions Only)
    Sitting waiting for new Kuga 2.5 petrol PHEV ST Line X to be delivered. Company car so delivery date of around Christmas time. Going to be a long few month
  4. Newbies (Introductions Only)
    We pick up our new 18 plate KUGA in the morning in deep impact blue ? it’s 3:43 am and I’m so excited I can’t sleep haha! Switching it up from my focus. Had a focus titanium prior to my focus STline and missed all the tech on the inside so looking forward to getting back to the titanium...
1-4 of 4 Results