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  1. Kuga Gallery
    Here's a few pics of 'my version' of a Black Edition Kuga 09 I've used black vinyl stripes ST badges Kuga vinyls Maxton Design vinyl (Looking to add a spoiler extension cap) Ford Performance number plates (Waiting for rear Ford badge!) Let me know what you think guys! Ben
  2. Mk1 Modifications
    Hi all. Before it gets listed on eBay would anybody like to buy my bluefin? Got a ECU map done yesterday so the bluefin was taken back off the car and put onto the device prior to him doing the dyno. Also have a racechip for the same vehicle which plugs inline on the fuel rail which will be...
  3. Mk1 Modifications
    Hi all, Does anyone know of a fuel pump upgrade for the MK1 2011/61 facelift 163? Having a new map done and don't want the fuel pump being maxed out but finding upgrades on these cars is near impossible. Cheers
1-3 of 3 Results