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  1. Workshop manual 2013 - 2017 Free download

    Mk2 Technical
    Hi im a new member of a couple of weeks. There already something like this on here but I couldnt find it. Im in process of fitting a towbar and was looking for a workshop manual to help with locating wiring, removing trims etc. I come across this link and have downloaded the...
  2. 2015 2.0d Duratorq AWD Cuts out after pulling under load

    Mk2 Technical
    Hi I have a 2015 2.0d 180ps awd. 108000 miles full service history. After and only then under load (towing a caravan) its ok whilst not towing, up a long hill at a constant speed or a flat road for a distance with cruise control on. It suddenly looses all power and can cut out. The message...
  3. Coolant Issues (maybe)

    Mk2 Technical
    Hi, I have a Mk2 titanium X sport 150 diesel, lovely car, I’m really enjoying it, but I have noticed the coolant depleting but not sure why, I have had it pressure tested and no leaks, I have been told the bottle will appear to be empty as the coolant is within the system, I left it at that and...
  4. 2016 Kuga St-Line - Sync 3 (Black Screen)

    Mk2 Technical
    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue with Sync 3, whereby it doesn't power on after it appears to have updated? It doesn't come on and the USB sockets don't appear to be providing power either. I tried a button reset of holding the power button and next track buttons...
  5. I need help with my SYNC 2 Upgrade

    Mk2 Modifications
    Hello, I currently have a Sync 2 fitted on my 2016 Ford Kuga. At first, I looked on AliExpress at some Android head units for my car but then I realised that I needed a SYNC 1 to perform that upgrade. I seen some forums in russian about how you can add Android to your Sync 2 but they went out...