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  1. Possible Alternator/Battery Problem!

    Mk2 Technical
    Hey there! A few weeks back now I had a problem with a dashcam that didn't turn off after being hardwired into a permanent live (now moved to a switched live) where the battery ended up draining to the point that the car wouldn't start a few days later when I needed it so a friend had to come...
  2. Coolant Issues (maybe)

    Mk2 Technical
    Hi, I have a Mk2 titanium X sport 150 diesel, lovely car, I’m really enjoying it, but I have noticed the coolant depleting but not sure why, I have had it pressure tested and no leaks, I have been told the bottle will appear to be empty as the coolant is within the system, I left it at that and...
  3. Powershift Judder & ‘Grab’

    Mk2 General Discussion
    I have a 2014 Titanium X 163 with Powershift and recently, more evident from cold, the box seems to snatch/grab when accelerating away in 1st. Also, again when cold, there’s a judder when it goes from 1st to 2nd. It had a g/box service in 2018 at Ford. Just wondering if this is a common issue...
  4. Leaking Oil / Transmission Oil

    Mk2 Technical
    Hello everyone, I was about to do an oil change on my Mk2 Kuga 2013 AWD 2.0 diesel and after removing the lower tray discovered oil stains in various locations. There is a stain area around the sump which made me think sump gasket but there is also oil on the bottom of the gearbox system. I've...