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  1. Mk3 General Discussion
    Hi all, First time posting, sorry if this is in wrong place, or has been addressed before. I’ve just recent bought a 2020 PHEV and have been trying to use ev now as much as possible. I’ve noticed the motor seems to fire up intermittently, and then will stay in hybrid mode, despite coming out...
  2. Mk3 Technical
    Hi all, we have had our car 3 months and covered nearly 2500 miles. The first fill up was on collection day. The car came with 1/2 a tank. So we brimmed it as we were visiting family that same day. The range suggested 450 miles. Which was great. We subsequently covered 1250 miles with that...
  3. Mk3 General Discussion
    Just picked up my new Kuga and first time drive home used the EV mode. All great but whenever I break I hear a clunk sound when coming to the stop. Is this normal? In EV mode the car is so quiet, but the clunk sounds a little disturbing if it's not a known thing 🥺. Thanks in advance
  4. Mk3 General Discussion
    Just about to take ownership of my brand new Kuga ST X and have a newbie question on public charging. How do you pay? Is there a Ford card service that I need to sign up for or do you pay by normal credit card. Or is there another card service need to use? Thinking I could us my local ASDA...
  5. Mk3 How-To?
    Hi all, Newbie here to the forum and Kuga (St Line X PHEV Solar Silver arrived yesterday), I have searched the forum and also online however can not find much UK content. Can anyone confirm the process to setup Apple CarPlay wirelessly (without USB cable), I read that the new Kuga supports...
1-5 of 5 Results