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  1. Mk3 General Discussion
    Just picked up my new Kuga and first time drive home used the EV mode. All great but whenever I break I hear a clunk sound when coming to the stop. Is this normal? In EV mode the car is so quiet, but the clunk sounds a little disturbing if it's not a known thing šŸ„ŗ. Thanks in advance
  2. Mk3 General Discussion
    Just about to take ownership of my brand new Kuga ST X and have a newbie question on public charging. How do you pay? Is there a Ford card service that I need to sign up for or do you pay by normal credit card. Or is there another card service need to use? Thinking I could us my local ASDA...
  3. Mk3 How-To?
    Hi all, Newbie here to the forum and Kuga (St Line X PHEV Solar Silver arrived yesterday), I have searched the forum and also online however can not find much UK content. Can anyone confirm the process to setup Apple CarPlay wirelessly (without USB cable), I read that the new Kuga supports...
1-3 of 3 Results