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  1. Mk2 General Discussion
    I dont know if it is me but i get around 24.0-26.0 MPG. 1.5 petrol manual. ok fair enough thats ok My issue im currently having is that my miles is around 310 max used to be 330, last time i filled it was VPOWER as i always without a doubt use shell i got 22.0 mpg average and 309 miles. today i...
  2. Mk1 General Discussion
    Hi, My first post, with me not having a Kuga, but my daughter having just bought one. She bought a 2.0 163PS Titanium X auto with 78,000 miles a couple of weeks ago, (I’m assuming here that it’s a Mk1, although I’m not certain), and the MPG she’s getting out of it seems really poor to what we...
  3. Mk2 General Discussion
    Hi guys, I've recently bought my Kuga 2015, 2L Diesel Automatic on the 30th of June. I filled it full tank on that day. After 7 days, it went down to half tank. I do urban driving and not too much motorways. My mpg is 37.7. Is this normal for a Kuga to go half tank after 7 days? Thank you.
1-3 of 3 Results