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ford kuga mk1

  1. P010F - Mass or Volume Air Flow Sensor A/B Correlation Above maximum threshold

    Mk1 Technical
    Hi all, Has anyone encountered this error message before and know how to fix it. Mine has come up in my 2010 kuga. Just had the oil, air, fuel and pollen filters all changed so not sure if it could be something to do with that. But the car drives fine until I out the foot down and as soon...
  2. Electrical Fault

    Mk1 Technical
    Hi Was wondering if anybody could give me a steer on this fault I have. Rear Wiper Window washer system (front and rear) Reverse Lights Front screen heat All stopped working. I have done a lot of searching and testing but to no avail. All the fuses are good. I swapped the GEM and the same...