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  1. Mk3 Technical
    Hi everybody! Last week my very new Ford Kuga FHEV ran out of fuel while the indicator was still showing some. Today I brought the car to the dealer and they said that there were some errors in the "software of the car" controlling the display behind the steering wheel. They updated the...
  2. Mk3 General Discussion
    I’ve noticed a few people interested in the new Kuga FHEV (full hybrid/self-charging hybrid) model, but there’s not a huge amount of info on it, as it tends to be about the plug-in (PHEV) model. So I thought I’d leave this topic here where you can ask me any questions you have about it and I’ll...
  3. Mk3 Technical
    Got a new Kuga Hybrid AWD 2021 model and in first week I noticed a strange noise when engine runs. First days I did start engine and immediately start driving but 2 days ago I needed to load some boxes in the trunk and engine was started. Being winter and about 0*C outside engine switches...
1-3 of 3 Results