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engine service now
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  1. Mk2 Technical
    Twice in the past 4 weeks I’ve had 2 very scary moments on smart (not very smart) roads. One was a very busy dual carriage way (police called and road closed for police to escort me) and the other was yesterday heading down to Southampton on the M3 where a HGV very nearly hit us if it hasn’t...
  2. Mk2 Technical
    Hello. I have a 17 plate kuga st line x auto 2.0l. I have owned the car for 18 months. Had my full service in October last year. Last year my boyfriend was driving it and it came up engine service now and went into limp mode. Still had some power but won’t allow to Rev over 2.5/3k. Only happens...
  3. Mk2 Technical
    I bought my 2015 Kuga in February 19. It was perfect for about 4months. Then the engine service now light started to come on and limp mode every time I drove the car. It was due a service as Id done around 9,000miles so booked it in with my local trustworthy mechanic. For approx. 3weeks before...
1-3 of 3 Results