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  1. General Forum (NON Model Specific)
    My daughter had a Kuga that she loved... Until it started an intermittent engine fault that kept leaving her stranded with a car that would suddenly die on her or even not start at all. Several garages had an attempt to find the problem without success. On one occasion she drove it to a ski...
  2. Mk1 Technical
    Hiya I have a 61 plate titanium Ok so i got the dreaded amber engine light thrown up siting dpf which i had last year and a good clean sorted it out i did the same this year had a mobile guy come out after my attempt to spray it garnered no results trying to force a regen kept hitting 97% and...
  3. Mk1 Technical
    Hi I had an engine malfunction light come on, 2011 kuga diagnostics revealed DPF filter and soot accumulation, so a new filter fitted, new sensor and pipes cleaned. Now the warning light is still on and saying engine malfunction. Diagnostics aren't showing any codes and have cleared everything...
1-3 of 3 Results