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  1. Mk2 Technical
    Hi, I got dpf problem.. p24a4 and p2463? what do you think of this suggested fix? "What needs to be done is this. Buy one of these. GG-1 Forscan ELM327 usb obd2 Switch Adapter Scanner Forscan modified OBD FORScan ELMconfig FOCCCUS OBD2 HS-CAN/MS-CAN : Automotive Then download...
  2. Kuga Dealer Experiences
    Has anyone any experience of using a Ford dealerships service to put a car on their computer and check out all the sensors on the DPF system? I was thinking they could safely bring car upto speed and temperature on a rolling ramp, to hopefully detect what is causing me to get DPF faults in real...
  3. DPF

    Mk1 Technical
    Please help, woman in need! MK 1 Kuga has had a re map and removed the DPF as the car went into limp mode and black smoke blocked the system. The exhaust has also had something done to it (but I don’t know the technical wording). The re map worked and the car is now running with normal power and...
  4. Mk1 Technical
    Hiya I have a 61 plate titanium Ok so i got the dreaded amber engine light thrown up siting dpf which i had last year and a good clean sorted it out i did the same this year had a mobile guy come out after my attempt to spray it garnered no results trying to force a regen kept hitting 97% and...
  5. Mk1 Technical
    Hi all have 2009 mk 1 2.0 diesel so in limp codes read dpf blocked pressure imbalance tryed clearing codes forcing regeneration (it's the type with no 5 injector)after about 10 mins of regen procedure fault light comes back up stops process so had dpf removed and cleaned then had carbon clean...
  6. Mk1 Technical
    I own a 2012 Kuga with 98,000 miles and I am looking for a second opinion about an issue with my car. A few weeks back the 'Engine Malfunction' warning came on. A quick trip to the local garage revealed code P244C (Exhaust Temperature too low for Particulate Filter regeneration). The garage...
  7. Mk1 Technical
    Hi all, Need some fault finding help. The Kuga decided to run away with me, combusting on the engine oil. Codes were pointing to excessive soot accumulation. It’s had a new turbo, new DPF as that was blocked solid, new exhaust pressure sensor, pipes from the DPF to the pressure sensor have had...
1-7 of 7 Results