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  1. Mk2 Technical
    It’s not very often I reach out for help, I usually take my car to the garage and let the professionals sort out whatever is broken and pay for the privilege. However, with this issue, I’ve taken my Kuga to the garage 8 times and the issue persists. In short, after having my aircon re-gassed...
  2. Mk2 Technical
    I have a mk2 kuga (2019) around 12 months ago I had a software update and part of the update introduced on screen climate controls. Ever since the update the on screen controls work for then opposite side of the car, passenger side controls driver side and vice-Versa. Ford have had my car into...
  3. Mk2 Technical
    2014 Kuga - 2.0tdci with dual zone climate control. Currently has an intermittent air conditioning fault. Air conditioning will not work after the vehicle has moved and sometimes on start up. After some looking, when its not working the coolant fan will NOT be turning and the active grille...
1-3 of 3 Results