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  1. Mk1 How-To?
    Hi, Does a "how to" guide / video /photo montage exist for how to remove the entire front bumper/grille on a Kuga Mk1 Titanium? I have a damaged front with black with silver trim. I would like to see a how to guide before I tackle it or hand it over to a bodyshop.
  2. Mk2 Modifications
    Hi I currently have a Mk2 2014 pre-facelift titanium and was looking into replacing the rear bumper to the facelift model. I have looked at pictures online of both the bumpers and they look the same and interchangeable but has anyone on here know if it’s just a straight swap?
  3. Newbies (Introductions Only)
    Hi there I've recently purchased a 2015 Kuga AWD diesel and I'm looking to change out the front bulbs for blue/white coloured ones. Headlights were easy but the side light bulbs down on the bumper not so much. The drivers side one is right in front of the windscreen wash bottle. Am I better...
1-3 of 3 Results