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  1. Mk2 Modifications
    How good or bad are drilled grooved brake discs. Best brands for brake pads. Fancing change to something different.
  2. Mk2 Technical
    Hi all! This morning our beloved little (ha!) motor started acting up with random intermitent misfires or sputting when under load. There doesn't really appear to be a pattern to what it happens. The car idles fine, and when in neutral I can build up the revs slowly and blip the throttle to...
  3. Mk2 General Discussion
    Hi guys just got a 2016 kuga titanium x sport. Loving the car on the most parts but a couple of niggling issues.... The clutch pedal squeeks which is annoying, I've read some wd40 should fix that. Secondly I get a slight judder on the brake pedal whne I'm braking, doesn't always do it though...
1-3 of 3 Results