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  1. New to the Kuga

    Hi, Got my self a Kuga ST-Line 2.0 TDCi 180 with AWD. I've had all kinds of fords in the past but this is my first Kuga. I'll be doing some data mining of the forum for all the useful tips and tricks Cheers Scott
  2. Now have a : 2016/17 Titanium X Sport AWD. 180 diesel

    Kuga items for sale & wanted
    Hi all. Ive owned my current Mk1 Titanium 136 AWD from new. Now 10 years and 116k miles old and still going strong. Looking for a more recent car, top spec AWD 2litre 180 with as low mileage as possible. Would like a Mk11 facelift but a Mk11 non facelift would be ok if it’s fully loaded. Dont...
  3. Newbie Ford Kuga 2015 AWD

    Hi there I've recently purchased a 2015 Kuga AWD diesel and I'm looking to change out the front bulbs for blue/white coloured ones. Headlights were easy but the side light bulbs down on the bumper not so much. The drivers side one is right in front of the windscreen wash bottle. Am I better...