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  1. Mk1 General Discussion
    Hi I’m on the search for a Mk1 Ford Kuga 2.5L Petrol AWD fuel tank And the fuel vapour canister also I’m in Heathrow but willing to travel or pay for courier expenses etc or if anyone knows the price where to buy brand new much appreciate
  2. Mk1 Technical
    Hey guys and girls Im having some trouble with my kuga's radio. Bluetooth connection works fine for calling, tho when i press aux nothing comes up indicating i have the ability to play music via bt. I tried resetting the radio, removed the battery overnight, the radio didn't even ask me for a...
  3. Newbies (Introductions Only)
    Hello, I am Henk and live in the Netherlands. For there are not a lot of forums about the Kuga, I though I would join here. Just today bought myself a black 2.5L turbo 4wd Kuga from 2011. Next weekend I will be picking it up. Dont know that much about the car, so I most likely will be asking a...
1-3 of 3 Results