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  1. Always comes up well

    Mk2 General Discussion
    This thread needs pictures. I for one, love to see clean Kuga's. I have polished mine a few times already and have only had it 5 weeks
  2. Hi Newbi here

    Welcome to the forum Killingjoke. I have only had my car a week and a half, but loving it. Yes MPG is on the low side, but for a car of this size it is only to be expected. I just enjoy driving mine without paying as much attention to the fuel figures, although I'm not exactly rich lol.
  3. My new pride and joy

    Mk2 General Discussion
    Thanks guys, it is manual and yes it does have the flat bottom steering wheel, which looks great. I know its early but this car is fast becoming the best I have had.
  4. My new pride and joy

    Mk2 General Discussion
    I picked up my Kuga last thursday, the handover went well and the wife and I departed the dealership with a large grin on our faces. Then four miles up the road got a puncture. Luckily there was a quick fit almost opposite, so drove it in there and was told that I had broken some sort of record...
  5. front & rear plastic plate

    Mk2 General Discussion
    Definitely skid plates. I like the black ones on the ST-line, but the silver ones don't suit some of the other colours imo.
  6. New Colours

    Mk2 General Discussion
    I love the chrome blue. I have ordered mine in that colour. I saw it at the showroom, not on a Kuga, but on a Focus and it looked very nice indeed. I just can't wait to get mine now.
  7. Few pics of the newbie...

    Kuga gallery
    Very nice mate. I bet you're smiling a bit with that on the drive.
  8. Kuga Spotting (Old Bill in UNMARKED Kuga) on A12

    Kuga spotting
    Lol, not a good idea to race the old bill.
  9. Hello from not so sunny Brighton

    Thanks for the welcome, I'm sure I will have questions when my Kuga arrives. Meanwhile i am learning a lot just by reading the posts on here.
  10. Hello from not so sunny Brighton

    Hi guy's, I have been reading this forum for a little while now. After much deliberation I decided to take the plunge and get a Kuga. I will admit that I looked at a Seat Ateca and a Nissan Qashqai before deciding to order the Kuga, which I did this morning. I look forward to chatting with you...
1-10 of 10 Results