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  1. Washer Reservoir

    Mk1 How-To?
    I have not had problem with resevoir but not sure if my Low level is working as i have had no water coming from front or rear jets filled back up and allworked ok but no warning to inform of low level or is there a certain spec ??? of car or a certain display in centre of dials
  2. Clutch pedal alignment

    Mk1 Technical
    I do not want to sound silly but have just got my Kuga last week and the clutch pedal sits higher than the brake and throttle by a good 15 to 25mm higher than the brake i was wondering if this was the norm or whether it could require a visit back to dealer to sort ???
  3. Gave the Kuga a quick clean!

    Kuga gallery
    just a quick question is the bumper protector a rgm silver or is it ford part ????
  4. ALL Mk1 daytime running lights discussion & info

    Mk1 Modifications
    I am about to get a Panther black 2.0tdci titanium next week and was was going to order and fit a set of DRL lghts from MS Designs have had a quote of £540 ish to supply was wondering if anyone had fitted a set if so were there any problems in fitting, will post my pics and how it went, once i...
1-4 of 4 Results