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  1. Sorry to this owner of this kuga.. 😞

    Kuga spotting
    The world is run by soft silverspooninthemouth doogooders, That need to get into the real world and send these ar*&holes to prison. Take away all their liberty, no telly,no visits for congel rights crapp and feed them on bread and water, Old age pensioners have a harder life than some of these...
  2. First snow!

    Mk2 General Discussion
    If you have snow up there in Wakefield Psshaw…………………………...We don't want it down here in the south THANK YOU ;)
  3. Remap yay or nay

    Mk2 Modifications
    What I have found with my motor is, with the tank on reserve its like a new toy...………….its sooo much quicker. Yes I know it's running a lot lighter with less fuel in it, But the difference is amazing??? I don't want to fill it up anymore...………………….still had to though....Dohhhhhhhhhhhh.
  4. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    Yes agree NEW shortcut is good idea and shortcut next to it for ALL the other forums. Am sure as we get used to it they will update as we go on :)
  5. What’s your preparations for winter?

    Mk2 General Discussion
    Totaly agree......…………………….Get outta bed earlier, NO EXCUSE.
  6. battery powered vacuum cleaner

    Kuga detailing & cleaning
    Got myself a "Wicks" wet & dry vac and it's been very impressive in the last 8-10 years I've had it. Great for the house (wife's got a dyson cordless) but mine is better for a proper job, great for the car and fantastic for the workshop when I'm doing wood cutting etc.
  7. What’s your preparations for winter?

    Mk2 General Discussion
    Like you I top up fluids under bonnet if required, screen wash top up with concentrated washer fluid (not rain resistant). the cars normally cleaned and waxed when its nice and dry so getting it done now is a waste of time as it's doing long journey's with plenty of road spray most days. I have...
  8. Hello all!!

    Welcome to the forum Blondie, yep every one on here gets excited about their (Kuga)motor.....especially a NEW one. Have fun when you get it.
  9. Ford kuga mk1 2.0 tdci

    Mk1 Technical
    I think if your using a garage on a regular basis ie...MOT,SERVICE'S then I'm pretty sure the mechanic's will no doubt have a better idea as they look after your motor and would know a little about it's history over the months/years you take it there. Just my opinion :)
  10. Remap yay or nay

    Mk2 Modifications
    £379.00 for the mk1 is a lot of money , but would it be cost effective?
  11. Morning all

    welcome to the forum FuryIII, Have fun matey and hopefully your problems will be resolved with the guys on here.
  12. Always comes up well

    Mk2 General Discussion
    Mine's a good few years old now and looks the dogs doodas still.
  13. Latest sync 3 update

    Mk2 General Discussion
    Ve vill be speaking duitchland soon mark-essex...…………………………………..I'm here too matey ;) Vorsprung durch Technik.
  14. Sd card

    Mk2 General Discussion
    Like Ozekuga has said "it will only work in another ford"...……… why remove it unless you are a tight sh*t.
  15. newbie

    Welcome to the forum 600nick. There are plenty of helpful people on here to get you sorted matey, and no doubt plenty to give you advice on the rights and wrong's of towing ;) Please put your KUGA'S details in your signature to let other's see what motor you have so they can help you in the...
  16. Mpg

    Mk2 General Discussion
    My average is around 43-44 mpg for my Titanium X 163. But other's may have varying mpg.
  17. Rear View Mirror always dark

    Mk1 Technical
    Check if the mirror is the same with the ignition off...………..that would hopefully give an idea if power is getting to the mirror. Just an idea like :)
  18. MPG? Oh Dear!

    Mk2 General Discussion
    I definitely think you got a thing for The Sensational International professional Yorkshire woman, Jane Maceedee McDonald matey ;)
  19. Servicing high mileage v switch for company var

    Mk2 General Discussion
    Just double checked mine £200.00 pa. Cheers phoneman :)
  20. Just arrived here

    Welcome to the forum Whippet3, I've NOT gone down the heated seats on yet, and that's why Larry...………...they call us southern softies mate ;) Have fun Whippet :)
1-20 of 194 Results