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  • murcod ·
    Hey Martin, have you got the earlier shape Kuga? Be careful with suspension component interchangeability with the later models. I've just run into issues with upgraded end links that are supposed to fit both TE and TF Kugas, the place that makes them is claiming Ford have done changes somewhere in the TF model.
    murcod ·
    The HardRace rear bar would have been the biggest single improvement. However, it was also the last item I changed (after upgrading the endlink bushes, Eibach lowered springs and Bilstein rear shocks.) The round end link bushes are dirt cheap and would be worth changing while you're at it. The Bilstein shocks made a big improvement in ride over rough undulating roads, but they were changed after the springs.
    murcod ·
    Part 2:

    I discovered a spec document on the US built Escape afterwards that mentioned the different sized bars. The bits I used are mentioned in a thread on a US Escape forum here Anti roll/ sway bar mods? - 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 Ford Escape Forum The other option (what I've since done) is to buy a whole replacement bar- that came with new D bushes and mount brackets. A company called "HardRace" make one. HARDRACE GLOBAL . I swapped it as I've been doing mods to improve the handling further - lowered springs, Bilstein rear shock absorbers etc.

    If you've got any questions let me know.

    murcod ·
    Hi Martin,

    I'll respond with two messages as the forum keep blocking me sending it as one.

    I replaced the stock "D" bushes with off the shelf polyurethane bushes. I did have to use Focus rear sway bar mount brackets to do it. I also replaced the end link bushes with polyurethane ones- no need to change anything else to do that one. What model Kuga have you got and what size are your stock wheels? Ford fit two different rear sway bars depending on the wheel size- it's 19.5mm (hollow bar) diameter for 17" and 19" wheels or 18mm (solid bar) for 18" wheels. I never had any problems using 20mm bushes with the 19.5mm bar- I measured mine before replacing them and it was close to 20mm.
    Rathan_aus ·
    Hey mate, nice work on the kuga so far! Was hoping you might be able to shed to insight regarding the exhaust you had fitted as I'm planning to do the same for mine before my ECU remap.

    My Kuga is also used as a family car so I'm not looking for something that is excessive loud or has drone.

    did you have any pictures of the underside or have any details or what was fitted? also how are you finding the exhaust note is it very loud?
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