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Kuga items for sale & wanted

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  1. In September I made my first trip with a 1.450Kg. caravan on the back, 2 people , 2 dogs and a car full of caravanning paraphernalia. We did 150 miles from W. Wales up to Chester on the small winding A roads and then 150 mls. on the motor way to Northumberland. On the first 150 we got 30.9mpg...
  2. Mk2 General Discussion
    Hi All, Can anyone tell me is there a difference between kuga Mark 2 or the series 2 or are they one of the same. Just received some side running boards that were advertised as Mark 2 I’ve got the series 2 and they don’t fit. Looks like I’ve got it completely wrong. Many Thanks Ive Got the...
  3. So the other day we had a "Silver Machine". My Kuga is Midnight Sky Blue.
  4. Kuga detailing & cleaning
  5. Mk2 General Discussion
    Hi there Guys have any of you had success using a wireless car play dongle with your MK2 ?
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